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Trauma Coaching

Book a one-on-one coaching session to address trauma as it relates to the parent-child (intergenerational) relationship, sexual abuse, domestic violence, church hurt, and grief.

Healing Groups and Retreats

A safe place for people to be vulnerable, transparent, and free to address their trouble and traumatic experiences. The holistic groups address the mind, body, and soul to promote wellness and tools to overcome.

Trauma-Informed Development

Trauma-informed professional, ministerial, and/or organizational services to create a culture of care and support for your community.  

The Art of Healing

Conversations curated around elements of art that are drawn out by each audience member.  What do you see?  How we see things affects how we heal from them.  Book a session to unpack the layers of healing and gain new insight from a triumphant perspective. 

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t. harris

Ms. Antara, you are a woman wise beyond your years.  God truly has a way of using you.  You have blessed me to understand how to apply the word and live triumphantly.

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